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Billie Eilish Reveals Emotional Meaning Of 'I Wanna End Me' Song Lyric

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Billie Eilish reveals the true meaning of 'I wanna end me' opens up about her struggles and trying to help fans. Plus, Justin Bieber gets emotional during a speech at his album preview event. #JustinBieber #BillieEilish #Halsey With tears in his eyes, Justin Bieber broke down while recounting his intense struggles with depression, and how being ‘hurt’ by the music industry sent him deeper into a dark, dark place. Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/01/24/justin-bieber-depression-struggles-mental-health/ Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta Written by DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm Edited By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack Music & Photos provided by Shutterstock Footage provided by Celebrity Footage CONNECT WITH HOLLYWOODLIFE...
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